Minor Python Tools

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filed under mechanics on 31 Jan 2018
tagged diedrop, random, deal-a-plot, complications, and problems

I dusted off a couple of scripts and pushed them to the repo. The first is a diedrop generator, for those times when you really need to drop a bunch of dice on a flat surface but can’t do it physically. The second set creates plot problem and complications based on the (very dated) 1930s deal-a-plot cards found here.

The die drop script takes number and faces of dice as arguments, rolls them – you could use it as a die roller if you wanted pictures of all your rolls, I suppose, but it’d be really inefficient – and scatters them around the virtual table.

$ python diedrop.py --d10 3 --d6 10

And the output looks like this:

And the deal-a-plot cards:

$ python complication.py

How many complications?  2

...2 complications:

Complications: Trade, Repair

$ python plot.py

[Plot Problem] The Struggle is Protect Honor

The deal-a-plot cards actually have a ton more information that just plots and complications – settings, people, jobs, emotions, just a ton of lists. I ran out of steam on them!