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Where Mystery Dwells

Where Mystery Dwells is a procedurally generated catacomb crawl through a flickering, candle-lit world of stone and skulls beneath a very slightly fantastical industrial city, where...


Urban/Modern/Fantasy is a toolkit for running modern adventures using the rules laid out in Dungeon World. It’s a framework for running many different modern stories without...


Calypso is a narrative solo ttrpg system, powered by the apocalypse, built on the original version and blended with new techniques developed over several years of...

Thoughts on Accessibility

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filed under misc on 17 Oct 2021
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Problem: it’s really hard to make accessible pdfs.

A couple of caveats; I don’t use accessibility tools at either end of the process, so I’m no expert, and I am fully aware most of us are on a hobby or at best shoestring budget, for time, energy, and money. Let’s repeat that; I’m no expert. and it is entirely possible I am missing the forest for the trees (or the trees for the forest), making...

Simple Die-drop Dungeon

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filed under game design on 14 Oct 2021
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Note: this post is also for testing out some commenting options; if you see this note, I’m still doing it, just ignore anything at the very bottom that looks broken.

It’s possible the world doesn’t need another of these procedures, but I had fun devising it. I am absolutely sure this is “standing on the shoulders of giants” territory, with my own spins. Of particular note are Bastionland’s three step dungeon, Last Gasp Grimoire’s die...

A General Overview of Soloing

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filed under game design on 18 Sep 2021
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Soloing is playing a ttrpg by yourself, whether that’s using an emulator to play 5e or playing a full game like Ironsworn or Thousand-year Old Vampire. It is not a particularly social activity, more akin to writing or daydreaming, or to play-by-post, than to a four person table live. Tempering your expectations there is vital; knowing what your desired end state looks like is crucial.

Generally, you need three things; a system you want to...