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Where Mystery Dwells

Where Mystery Dwells is a procedurally generated catacomb crawl through a flickering, candle-lit world of stone and skulls beneath a very slightly fantastical industrial city, where...

Kickstarted Feb 2021, available in June 2021!


Urban/Modern/Fantasy is a toolkit for running modern adventures using the rules laid out in Dungeon World. It’s a framework for running many different modern stories without...


Calypso is a narrative solo ttrpg system, powered by the apocalypse, built on the original version and blended with new techniques developed over several years of...

Bone & Black Character Generation

filed under game design and actual play on 26 Jul 2021
tagged design, duet, and solo Bone & Black AP

For reference, this series is using Bone & Black.

Yesterday I mentioned that my favorite part of this game is the the character generation process. I also referred to how the names you pick in character generation, and add to your lists in play, define and steer your story. A couple of examples:

The tiny Mouse is a nimble assassin who questions everything (bone). Their hand brought forth the ruby dragon Gu’ninas, the scourge of...

Bone & Black

filed under game design and layout on 25 Jul 2021
tagged design, duet, and solo Bone & Black AP

While this isn’t an RGAME challenge game, Bone & Black was designed and completed over the course of this month. It is largely inspired by the idea of ORE, and of wringing as much information out of a pair of dice as possible. It’s also my love letter to Swords Without Master, shifting roles a bit back towards the traditional division, though not very far! Also represented is the underrated The Bureau. From the itch.io...

The Local Helm

filed under game design and layout on 01 Jul 2021
tagged design, duet, and solo RGAME

While I’m terrible about announcing these things, I finished my RGAME-prompted game, The Local Helm, right on schedule, and soft-released it on July 1st. And then promptly forgot to actually formally release it, or to let people know, or to, you know, talk about it at all. Largely due to stress about Mixam, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

It was originally prompted as “a tabletop role playing game designed for playing fantasy stories set...