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July 18, 2018

A couple of links today, to the repos for The Big List of Dungeon World Playbooks (381!) and The Big List of Dungeon World Compendium Classes (147!).

And two more playbooks, written for Dungeon World. The Medusa is somewhat playtested (and lots of fun). Feedback is more than welcome.

The Medusa, a serpent-haired snake person who can turn people to stone with a glance.

Inaccuracies about you abound; that your hair is entirely serpents, that you are hideous, that you turn mortals to stone simply to collect them and enjoy their tortured faces.

Well, maybe that last part is true, but only those who come hunting meet such a fate. And those who might be hunting. And sometimes those who look like they might think about hunting sometime, you know, just in case…

Forever hunted by those who fear their gaze, and those who would use them. Hounded at every step as if they were a goblin or troll in- stead of an artist. Driven into the most isolated reaches of civilization. Doomed to destroy that which they love.

Choose The Medusa if you want to be able to attack at range with bow and gaze, to shift form into snake, human, and hybrid, and to deal with the themes of the monstrous and the perhaps unjustly hunted.

The Tormented, a warrior who is good at putting people back together and at taking them apart. A riff on the Iron Heroes Executioner.

Somewhere along the line, you got hurt. You learned to hurt back, to never let them see you flinch, to meet every kick with a knife, every insult with a fist. To bide your time and strike when they least expect it.

You hurt people. You’re good at it, taking your pain out on the deserv- ing. And you’re almost as good at putting the wounded back together – a healer is always welcomed, if not always above suspicion.

The Tormented possesses a knowledge of anatomy and the skill to exploit it to cause terrifyingly precise damage. This knowledge can be used to stitch up as well as to rend, to put together as well as to break.

Choose The Tormented if you want to be a deadly fighter with some healing abilities, to have a dark past that haunts you, and to be good at inflicting pain – or helping others avoid making the mistakes you did.

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