Dungeon World Modern

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filed under game design on 18 Jul 2018
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Urban/Modern/Fantasy is a CC-licensed framework for running modern settings using Dungeon World’s mechanics.

It’s intended to be a much less focused alternative to the excellent modern pbtas out there that tend to be very focused on delivering a specific play experience.

I wanted a toolset I could use to run many different stories without any particular focus or player assumptions built-in beyond your usual urban fantasy tropes. And as much flexibility as I could pack in.

At the core, though, it’s just Dungeon World with new playbooks, compendium paths, and advice covering common modern day situations like gunfights and car chases. The vivid color is subtle and stock, ready to be molded to your and your players’ visions or ignored entirely.


  • Six new path-based playbooks each built around a single stat, for a flexible mix and match approach. Want to be a Genius Celebrity Gunslinger or a Tough Field Scientist who used to be a pro Athlete? You’re covered.

Genius (Field Scientist/Hacker), Strong (Weapon Expert/Athlete), Dedicated (Investigator/Organizer), Charismatic (Celebrity/Manipulator), Fast (Rogue/Gunslinger), Tough (Bruiser/Daredevil).

  • Fifteen supernatural paths (compendium classes), each with five Moves, and a Meta collection of twelve general supernatural Moves. And a separate vampire playbook.

Angelic, Demonic, Dragon, Elemental, Galatea, Ghost, Haunted, Hunter, Lucky, Lycanthrope, Mage, Oracle, Psychic, Scarred, Fae

I’ve been running it in play-by-post format for months and it works as well as Dungeon World does. I also hear good things from other groups playtesting it (or adapting it to their own needs).

I welcome any and all constructive feedback, here or on the Dungeon World Discord if anyone wants to chat directly.