2017-02-18 Week Recap

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filed under site on 18 Feb 2017
tagged game design, actual play, and solo

As always, just some quick notes to remind myself I’m achieving stuff. Some game related, some not.

  • Combined my one page games down into a single Compendium, with updated and streamlined rules, a bunch of new character options, and several new scenarios (total now is paranormal romance, science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes).

  • Came up with a name for my Lady Blackbird & Apocalypse World mashup system – “Calypso”. Seems pretty fitting on many levels.

  • Learned how to use the Memoir class in LaTex effectively. Pleased with myself and my typesetting skills. And my progress in learning to say, “that’s good enough” instead of “it must be perfect”.

  • Feeling good about where Pythia is; did some final minor tweaks and it’s all bugfixes from here on out, I think. At least for the foreseeable future, unless someone requests some features.

  • Made a sourdough starter and baked some damn fine sourdough bread. And english muffins.

Can’t think of anything else but I’m pretty happy so far. Just have a bit more to do on the Calypso Compendium and then I can release it into the wild!