Broken Links

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filed under site on 08 Feb 2017
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Sorry about any broken links. Hopefully I caught all of them.

I finally snapped and updated Jekyll’s permalinks to use just the date, instead of categories plus dates which is the baffling default. It was driving me nuts to have all that excess stuff smushed into the url with the spaces poorly escaped out, and it meant every single time I updated a post’s categories the link to it broke.

So one last big break, and that should be it (ha). Apologies if you end up here but it should hopefully be very easy to find what you are looking for. If you’re on a cached page and there’s a category in the url, you should probably seek out the current version.

I also added a category for games I’ve created in the main navigation bar. Before I could change the categories freely I was stuck working around a bad choice or two when I first released them, but not any more.