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filed under site on 11 Nov 2016
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I cobbled together a new theme for the site, spiffed the place up a little, reorganized a few areas, and generally made it (hopefully) a lot easier to find the content you might be interested in.

I’m calling the theme “rgk” for “red-grey-knight”. It’s red. It’s grey. It has a knight. I guess I could have called it “rgkt” and acknowledged the trees but let’s not get silly. I redid the navigation, added a bunch of different ways to access the content, and added a bunch of features to make linked content easier to find.

I’ve also updated every single post, especially the Kyneros logs, and should be set to start uploading other campaigns as I get around to it. Noir Nights and the first three Ylinde adventures are ready to go, I just need to break them into blog-sized chunks (and reformat Pythia’s logforms).

I’m reading my way through the Bundle of Holding’s OSR bundle now; Castle Gargantuan is next on the list. So maybe I’ll get to use (and show off the screenshots from) the mapping panels in Pythia. Or maybe I’ll revisit an older campaign!

Let me know if anything doesn’t seem to be working as intended. I had to dust off some rusty css skills (I use “skills” loosely) but I’m pretty happy with it now.

11/12: I updated Pythia with a logform that should be “drop in” ready, as long as you have access to your blog’s css. The first seven logs in the Kyneros campaign now use that output, if you want to see what it looks like!