Pythia on Paper Actors Plots

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filed under pythia on 23 Sep 2017
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This is part of my attempt to convert some of Pythia’s more useful random generators into rollable charts.

Pythia on Paper: Actors & Plots

This one covers some of the random generators available on the actor and plot panels.

  • The connection/emotion between two actors, or an actor and a group, or an actor and a place.

  • A motive generator so your monsters and villains have a reason for what they do and a target for it.

  • Ten different plot structures and the tables to fill them out, like demented MadLibs.

  • A plot web creator based on what one NPC did or wants to do to another, with a handy fillable grid.

  • Lots of fillable fields just because.

My hope is that this will be useful to those folks who have no need for a software tool but might be curious about Pythia’s built-in generators.

Having a script to choose elements means a couple of things; first, you aren’t limited by any particular number of elements, and second, it’s really, really easy to roll up a bunch of elements at once.

Hopefully none of these are too annoying to fill out, given that you only need to do the longer ones when setting up the scenario.