Procedural Hexmap Generator

image from ArtBreeder

filed under game design on 31 Dec 2018
tagged dungeon world, world of dungeons, wodu, osr, hexmap, python, random, and procedural

Who loves hexmaps? Me!!!

So I wrote a script to generate them and then made some watercolor tiles to prettify it.

Generated Hexmap
the output

A second script then takes the source file and adds some content to it. I’m still fiddling around with the content; nothing seems quite right.

I want it to be full of useful information, evocative, and easy to parse, but there’s just so many cool options and so little space!

A rough prototype of the populator (using small source list sizes):

Hexmap Populated
randomly generated hex contents

Anyway, still working on it, off and on. Still all over the place, and obviously there are some blanks.