January OMGAM Light and Shadow

image from ArtBreeder

filed under game design on 31 Jan 2019
tagged narrative, d6s, theory, rpglet, nephilim, light and shadow, one microrpg game a month challenge, omgam, pools, otherkin, and 6 hours to midnight

Here’s January’s game, Light and Shadow, inspired by my current UMF campaign and Otherkin. It owes a lot to 6 Hours to Midnight, but is much less heavily themed, with a stronger character generation and a more open structure.

It’s solo/gmless, with a simple metered framework for pushing the plot along. In it, you play a nephilim, a mortal with divine gifts who is torn between light and shadow.

As usual, these are not playtested by anyone but me yet. Let me know if you see anything weird or odd or just want to discuss.