Noir Nights Introduction

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filed under actual play on 06 Dec 2016
tagged noir, vampires, traits, and noir nights

Noir Nights is all about the two-fisted, hard-boiled noir action! Okay, not really, I’m pretty bad at all of that stuff. But I am practicing. Heck, the body count is already like twice what it normally is in one of my sessions! (Yes, that means two people died.)

Consider this an homage to all my favorite noir authors, with or without vampires.

The first sequence is using my own traits system, grafted on Scarlet Heroes, and with an added “vampire” system that proved a bit too fiddly in play even for me. As always, everything is pretty much generated on the fly other than vague ideas for setting and hero. Of course the names are pulled from a modern database, but still randomly.

The second sequence will probably use a tweaked Lady Blackbird because man, I am so ridiculously in love with that system it’s not even funny. I’ve just purchased Blades in the Dark and I am afraid to read it because it’ll probably make me forget all about LB and I just converted a bunch of characters over but haven’t used them yet.

Hahaha. So neurotic.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it, it was a lot of fun to write. Plus I used it to test out the Triggers & Secrets panel in Pythia and damn that made for a lot of unexpected action.