New Year New Start

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filed under site on 07 Jan 2018
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So it’s been awfully quiet around here lately.

I’ve still been doing my usual solo stuff. Writing one micro game a month for my personal OMGAM challenge. Playtesting those games. Running other long-term campaigns. Digging deep into old theory and new games.

I just haven’t been blogging about it.

Don’t know why; part of it’s that each game has its own page on katarpgs and it seems redundant to talk about it here (also, what else would I say?). Part of it is that often a solo’s obsolete – I’ve got a new system, a better way of doing things, a new shiny toy – before I have a chance to post it.

And part of it’s that my solos seem to be go to dark places over the holidays, which is kind of a funny way to say I get a little blue around this time of year and take it out on my characters.

I guess it just seems like I’m shouting into the dark over here, and not even hearing echoes back.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get a bunch of stuff – actual plays, mostly, some brief play examples for various games – posted soonish. Regular posting helps me stay disciplined and creative and that’s what matters.