Dungeon World Playbook

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filed under mechanics on 05 Jan 2018
tagged playbook, dungeon world, and the celtic bard

So I’ve been running a small play-by-post in Discord for a couple of friends over the last couple of months. We’re using Dungeon World to handle the mechanics, and it’s a wonderful system for this sort of thing – introducing D&D players to a more narrative style, in a framework (chat) that lends itself to essentially writing off-the-cuff fiction as you play (can you say “my cup of tea”?)

So of course I wrote a playbook, just to see if I could. It’s The Celtic Bard, a blend of various traditions, myths, and folklore. And surprising nobody who knows me. The class I was born to write and also the one I’d like to play the most.

Utterly unlike the “rockstar” Bard or the spoony one, my bard is feared for the devastating power of satire, and a wielder of ancient knowledge and the elements, who can take wing as a raven or flight as a deer but is often marked by feral, fae powers. This is the bard as trickster, negotiator, and manipulator.

It was a ton of fun to write; probably a nightmare to GM for, haha.

For the curious, I wrote it up in LaTeX – source freely available here.