Calypso Compendium Updated

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filed under game design on 23 Apr 2017
tagged lady blackbird, narrative, d6, theory, pbta, apocalypse world, rpglet, and calypso

See the original post here.

I’ve revised The Calypso Compendium a bit. Most of the changes were to the general rules section. I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the wording of the core mechanic; it just didn’t have the clarity I wanted. And sometimes the directions didn’t quite mesh with my intent. So I rewrote it to hopefully be clearer, and to make the various outcomes very clean.

In addition, the simple oracle seemed a bit too simple, and not really AW-style, so I rewrote it to give it more oomph towards driving the story forward. It supports outcome-based statements as well as yes/no statements, and and/but qualifiers, though I didn’t have space to really delve into how they work so prior experience with the concept will probably be helpful.

The only other major change is to Currency, which I integrated a bit more tightly into the mechanics. You now earn Currency for success and for failure, and it can be used for different things.

So tell me what you think, point out any typos or glaring errors or lazy cut and pastes, hit my math skills (or lack thereof), playtest if something catches your imagination, yell at me if nothing does. All feedback is welcome, thanks!