ASCII Megadungeon Generator Final

image from ArtBreeder

filed under game design on 24 Nov 2018
tagged dungeon world, world of dungeons, wodu, osr, megadungeon, python, random, and procedural dungeon

And here’s the final dungeon, complete with monsters and a few more randomly generated three part dungeons.

Same map, more or less, though cleaned up a little and some mistakes fixed.

The monsters are statted up loosely for my World of Dungeons hack, though they should work fine for Dungeon World too since I included DW-style HP and monster Moves. Retroclones should work fine too.

I’ve had reports that the monsters are somewhat disturbing, so if you’re easily grossed out by body horror or parasites, you should probably pass.

The Moon Palace

The toughest part was stripping out the context from my own game, as I was running this concurrently with writing it. It is definitely the poorer for it, I think, and I’d recommend reading over the NPCs and thinking carefully about how you can use them (or not, depending on the tone you want to aim for).

In my game, Tryfon, having been sold Downbelow to a complex of werewolf mages obsessed with reaching the moon, was rescued before the party traveled through the conduit. He proved useful as a guide, though decades spent feral meant he was very out of touch.

Kian was an unwitting spy for the big bad. Lira mostly just hung out with one of the NPCs and baked. She was woefully underused but I have a huge NPC roster and struggled to find a good fit for her.

Nobody ended up infested.

The food box is now in the party’s hands, and as long as the battery holds out rations will not be an issue.

All in all, this proved a useful technique for generating related content fairly quickly and having it “hang together” in a plausible way.