World of Dungeons Overview

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filed under soloing on 21 Aug 2017
tagged world of dungeons and houserules

Inspired by West Marches and Steelshod, I decided to run a campaign with many different characters exploring a build-as-you-go sandbox.

The idea is to have a few main heroes and many secondary ones I can rotate in and out and send on different missions, preferably after establishing a base somewhere.

As an experiment, I rolled up a couple of World of Dungeons heroes and ran a combat. I’m out of practice with balance and I didn’t leave much room for clever thinking to get them out of it!

The system is also on a much smaller scale than I’m used to; a single point of armor makes a huge difference, and first level heroes are fragile.

I put together a script to generate World of Dungeons characters themed to my setting on the fly and cobbled together some house rules for things like weapon tags, maneuvers, encumbrance, gear, and rations, mostly cribbed from Last Gasp Grimoire.

It’s really nice how well World of Dungeons interfaces with OSR! I didn’t want to go too overboard with it but many things only needed a slight tweak.