Pythia Oracle Update 1.4.0

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filed under pythia on 19 Apr 2017
tagged solo, pythia, python, tool, and update

Version 1.4.0 of Pythia Oracle is finally finalized. Ha. No changes from the last commit except to update the various tags and markers to the current version number – make it official, so to speak.

As always, see the Changelog for a full (ish) list of changes from the last version. You can get a complete overview of all features in the help here.

This will probably be the “stable” version for the foreseeable future, as I’ve simply run out of things I want to add or change!

NOTE: If you need to edit your Pythia save files, please consider using a json editor like this one instead of editing the files manually. There’s an online version, or you can download the release, unzip, and open example #4 in the examples directory in a modern browser to use it locally.

This is much safer and more effective than mucking around with the raw json and much less likely to ruin your game because of a missed comma.

  • I moved some stuff in the footer around. Now you can “pick one” through “pick five” on your own comma-separated lists, which is handy for narrowing things down when you have an unusual number of elements and die rolling isn’t straightforward.

  • New character sheet mode to support narratively described characters. Pretty much just alternating big and small boxes. See the config and help for details.

  • Re-arranged the generator panels and split them up in a more logical way, with Dungeon & Wilderness generators on their own panel now. Added some zone-based pointcrawl stuff in as well.

  • Added a new panel (disabled by default) that has predictive text and markov chain generators to mimic a GM. It’s extremely alpha and requires more libraries (Textblob and markovify) to be installed than usual.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, issues, or suggestions, feel free to leave them here or in the github issues section of the Pythia repository!