Pythia Chart Dungeon Effects

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Have you ever been in a situation where you REALLY REALLY want to touch that altar or swim in that limpid pool or drink from that totally not suspicious, convenient, and obviously refreshing fountain in the middle of an otherwise inhospitable dungeon?

I’ve got you covered.

First roll a d6, divided by two, then roll on this one that many times:

dungeon effects
this is literally the ugliest chart i have ever made

Now roll on this one once (or as directed):

dungeon effects awareness
hold my beer

And here’s a python script lifted from Pythia, with over 170 elements, in a really useful format that tells you what happens to you, between one and three effects, if you notice, and when it’ll take effect.

Now your hero can be randomly turned into a were-bug, gender swapped, shrunk, aged, de-aged, marked as the Chosen one, enraged, taller, richer, poorer, have all his gold turned into base metal, have a stat boosted or dropped, slapped with a love potion, made a heathen, weakened, buffed, turned blue, and so on.

You may be delighted or horrified at the results. Or just wonder wtf.

[What Did It Do?] It removed one of your strengths. You are protected from any consequences as long as you maintain the rules of the people who created the effect.

[What Did It Do?] It removes your ability to lie. You don’t notice anything amiss.

[What Did It Do?] It reversed one of your preferences and it changed an aspect of your alignment or morality and it merges you with a person held in stasis. You feel strange.

… yeah, I’d imagine you’d feel at least a little strange…

Anyway, this may be of dubious usefulness but I find it hilarious so there you go.