Dunscaith Introduction

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filed under actual play on 20 Nov 2016
tagged dunscaith and scarlet heroes

Dunscaith is an adventure showcasing (and beta testing) Pythia’s dungeon panel, set in my own personal megadungeon world loosely based on Wales in the dying days of the Roman empire (if it were on Mars and there were faeries).

It’s also an attempt to prove that I can create a reasonably interesting dungeon with randomly generated content. Not sure how well that succeeded – I don’t really have the patience for a traditional dungeon crawl, and I know I shortchanged some potentially interesting encounters simply because they didn’t interest me.

Anyway, I am enjoying running it as a point crawl or node dungeon. And it’s fun to see a part of my vague idea for a megadungeon, which up until now has just been a few roughly delineated layers, come to life!

Also, for the first session at least, I’m using my own traits system, grafted on Scarlet Heroes. Testing out HP-based magic. Experimenting with a modified version of Last Gasp’s Grit/Flesh HP system (LoTFP). Using dice qualities and “let it ride” from The Alexandrian. Playing fast and loose with the room generation and dungeon rolls. Avoiding combat whenever possible because it’s dangerous. Asking the oracle if things are magical just so I can use the “What Does It Do” generator and see if the results are old school awesome or ridiculous (hint: the answer is both).

I’ll post the adventure itself pretty soon, probably later today.