Calypso Oracle Move

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filed under mechanics and game design on 03 May 2017
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So here’s the revamped oracle from The Calypso Compendium update I posted a week ago.

The Oracle Move

When you ask a meta question about the world, determine the most likely answer. The modifier is 0 if the answer is even odds; adjust it up or down between -3 (very unlikely) and +3 (very likely).

On a 10+, the answer is true (a “yes”), with no qualifiers.

On a 7-9, the answer is true, but the result is qualified with an unexpected twist. If the first die is higher, add an “and”, an intensifier, that makes the answer or situation more extreme. Otherwise, add a “but”, a caveat, that makes the answer or situation weaker or introduces a flaw.

On a 6-, the answer is not true. If the first die is higher, add an “and” qualifier, otherwise, add a “but”.

If the dice match, interrupt the scene with a Dramatic soft move. If the question is still relevant after, roll again.

I essentially rewrote the simple “which is higher” oracle to be a full Move with a trigger. It’s better integrated into the system but still doesn’t prevent a player from choosing to use a different oracle (or none at all).

I like how dense it is with information, but it definitely blurs some lines on player/character separation.

Still optional, just better fitting/more developed.